Mining & Energy

Workers' Compensation tops the list and needs no introduction. Not many industries can return the glare from risks like operating underground machinery or taming power sources.

When our clients pick up the phone, they talk to folks like Greg Richey, a Certified Risk Architect® who spent 14 years as a mining safety director, working next to all the people, equipment and product he protects from unnecessary risk.

Our services help you prepare for your next safety evaluations, compliance checks and insurance reviews. Together, we can make your workplace safer and more efficient while cutting costs associated with insurance, not to mention make you a model citizen. Ultimately, clear processes for improvement heighten company confidence and motivation.

We list our proactive services and available coverages together, because insurance without prevention is a risk in itself.

  • Business Income and Extra Expense
  • Online Risk Management
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Liability for subsidence, blasting and contractors
  • Safety Committee Development
  • Pollution
  • Surface and Underground Operations
  • Mining equipment manufacturing, distribution, maintenance and repairs
  • Human Resource Consulting and Benefits Compliance
  • Certificate Tracking Management
  • Workers' Compensation, First Dollar and Large Deductibles

We'll match your needs and leverage your qualities for the best coverages. You're ready to harness the power of prevention.